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The Right Rev’d Mary Gray-Reeves, Bishop, The Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real

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The Rev. Philip R. Cooke, Rector

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Father Cooke came to St. John the Divine in 2001.

“I am committed to the articulation of the great principles of love and justice found in the Holy Scriptures in our every day life situations.  I believe that love and justice starts with the sacramental inclusion of all people who love Christ and are committed to his summary of the Law to Love God with all our hearts and to love our neighbor as our self.  We as a community are committed to the baptismal covenant in promising to respect the dignity of every human being.  Finally, I am committed to having fun, knowing the joy of the Lord and the support of good humor to accompany the many ambiguities of living together in loving community.  I hope God is calling you to join us!”

Lay Ministries and Ministers

Minister of Music

Virginia R. Scott

Pianist / Parish Musician

Myrna Emata

Senior Warden

Jane Marguerite Russell

Junior Warden

Bob Dwyer

Vestry Clerk

Jessica Nielsen

Parish Treasurer

Virginia Scott

Finance Administrator

Jayne Perryman

Labyrinth Spiritual Director

Jane Devine

Vestry Member

Trish Bergstrom

Vestry Member

Geoff Gibson

Vestry Member

Terre Chocholaty

Vestry Member

 Deborah Gangitano

Vestry Member

Susan Smalley

Vestry Member

Jack Tolan

Vestry Member

Jane Marguerite Russell

Vestry Member

Bob Dwyer

Vestry Member

Jessica Nielsen

Web Master

Robert Brown

Stewardship Chairperson



Adult Education

Joe Thibodeaux and Robert Brown

Prayer Chain

Robert Brown sjdivine.prayerchain@yahoo.com

Preschool DirectorLink

Lisa Black


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