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Simply Divine is the arts and crafts ministry of St. John the Divine.  It is supported by a Divine Arts group, who gather to combine their love of crafts with outreach projects for area outreach ministries as well as with a Prayer Shawl Ministry.

Simply Divine crafts soaps, scrubs and lotions, lip glosses and felted alpaca laundry dryer balls.  They also make a variety of prayer beads and tailor the beads in a bracelet form and in prayer beads to use while walking the labyrinth.  The Guild provides prayer forms to use with the prayer beads.  They also teach classes in the making of the various kinds of prayer beads.

Simply Divine also host classes to teach the ancient egg dying technique of Ukrainian Easter Eggs.  The eggs are displayed for Easter and made into Christmas tree ornaments at Christmas time.

The Simply Divine website can be accessed by clicking on the following link

Simply Divine Website

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