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Pipe Organ, St. John the Divine



Music is important at St. John the Divine.  Virginia R. Scott is the Minister of Music.  She leads two handbell choirs and the Chancel Choir.  The Divine Joy Handbell Choir introduces new ringers to handbells.  Many go on to join the Divine Jubilation Handbell Choir.

In 2015, St. John the Divine received a pipe organ for our worship space.  The sound fits our space in a marvelous way.

Pipe Configuration:

8′ Principal, 56 pipes
4′ Octave, 68 pipes
8′ Salicional, 56 pipes
16′ Bourdon, 93 pipes
1 1/3 Quint, 56 pipes


Stop specifications:
Pedal– 16′ Bourdon, 8′ Principal, 8′ Flute, 8′ Salicional, 4′ Octave
Man I– 8′ Principal, 8 Bourdon, 4′ Octave, 4′ Flute, 2′ Octave, 1 1/3′ Nasat,  II Sesquialtera (TC)
Man II– 8′ Salicional, 8′ Bourdon, 4′ Octave, 4′ Flute, 2′ Flute

Voicing done by Frans Bosman


Sandra Marlowe plays the piano and the organ for our liturgies.  She is a well-known vocalist in our area.

The goal of our music program is to encourage those who love music to join us to help lead our worship.


We recommend the Choral Project for good music in our area The Choral Project

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